Monday, August 14, 2017

Harlequin Heart

Hello there! This week is a fairly quiet one for me. I'm meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday. This past weekend was busier than usual for me, with a lot of family time. I saw my sister for the first time since Christmas. I went with her and my mom to look at a couple of wedding venues on Friday. Saturday Bob and I went to my parent's house for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. As long as my mind is okay and my health, I hope I make it that long! We do have really good genes/longevity on both sides of the family, so that's a great thing. I can't imagine how it feels though to have lived almost a whole century; what a lot of change, and hopefully progress you must see! Hopefully I see more progress in my lifetime than my grandmother has seen.
Trashy Diva launched a new collection today, but unfortunately, I don't care for the new print, so I won't be buying anything. TD is my favorite vintage repro brand, and I always am very excited for new launches! So, it was disappointing for me, but good for my wallet, ha. 
The background color is olive green, which is not a color I like, and the print itself is of bicycles and mimes, with a lot of white in it. Oh well, hopefully I love the next launch!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Heart of Haute harlequin dress. I got this dress a couple of years or so ago, and still ADORE this print! Harlequin is one of my favorite prints, period, and I really love this bright color palette. My Splendette purple & teal bangles match the dress really well. I don't wear much purple at all, so I don't get to wear my Splendette purple bangles too often. I'm also wearing my Shoe Bakery ice cream flats in these pics. These were my first Shoe Bakery shoes, probably about three years ago. I have one other pair of SB flats currently. Their shoes are so darn cute!
Oh, and Bob cut my hair about a week ago, so, when curly, it's super short now! I'm so lucky I have an amazing man who cuts my hair and cooks for me!!

Dress: Cats Like Us (Heart of Haute)
Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Bangles: Splendette

Flats: Shoe Bakery

~Bye bye for now!

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