Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shopping In PA

Hello there! I had a great day yesterday. My mom and I, and my mom's Sheltie, Heidi went out to Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, PA to do some shopping. I met my mom at 7:50, and we got to our first stop two hours later. We usually go out there together twice a year, but that was our third time this year, and we also are probably going in November. Our first stop is my favorite stop: Stamm House. We wanted to get there by 10:00, which is when it opened, and it was opening day "for the season".  We knew that another woman who we've seen there before a few times would be there by 10:00 to shop, too, and didn't want to be late, because the artist, Kay, sometimes only has one of an item or two, and you have to snatch them up! 
I have sooo many pieces from there! Kay sells holiday decorations that she makes from old German paper mache molds, and then hand paints. They are so gorgeous. I was able to get some cute Christmas items there this time, but when I talked to Kay, she told me that she'd have a lot more by early November, so that's why I want to go back in November. Afer Stamm House, we went to a couple of other stores and an antique mall. At the antique mall I got the two items in the first picture below. I got a great deal on both; I got them for $13 total! I already had one similar cocktail shaker (the brand is Hazel Atlas), but I'm happy to add this shaker to my antique bar cart, too. 
When I got home from our trip, there were a couple of packages that had arrived. I posted a picture below of my new Erstwilder brooches and a hair flower from Etsy. I got the brooches from DNJ Retro, a US retailer for Erstwilder. I love all the brooches and hair flower! I was so happy Erstwilder released a tiki brooch! It's the first one I've ever seen from them. 
Today I'm going to Bob's cousin's bbq. It's supposed to be a really nice day out, too, inspite of the tropical storm that is supposed to effect New Jersey very soon.

My antique mall finds

Had a great mail day yesterday, too!

My Stamm House haul


  1. I've actually got the tiki coconut brooch and stars brooch by Erstwilder on order, they're so cute hey! :)

  2. Such gorgeous things from the Stamm House. I especially love the Halloween things you picked up! Also yay for packages waiting for you. I love the star brooch by Erstwilder and that tiki brooch is just perfect for you! <3