Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall For You

Hello there! Yesterday Bob and I looked at two houses. One was really crappy, and the other one is a possibility, but we definitely need to look at more; it was our first time actually going inside houses. Last night we went out for drinks to an outside bar. We had never been there before to the outside bar, we had been inside a long time ago. It was a nice outside set up, with a big bar. Right after we got there nearby fireworks went off, which we hadn't known they were going to. I'm sure it was for 9/11. It was neat to see them, and they lasted a long time. 
Today we're not doing much, just staying home. I'm looking forward to relaxing here.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Bernie leaves and tree print Lauren dress; this dress is called "Fall For You" on Bernie's site. The Lauren style is a new style, but it's very similar to the Kelly style, which I have a lot of Kellys. You can't beat a good shirt dress in my opinion. This dress runs very close to the Kelly size wise. It did come with a matching sash belt, but I took a seam ripper to it to take it off, and it was quick and easy to remove it. I'm not a fan of sash belts, as they aren't as flattering on me as regular belts. This print is really pretty, and of course perfect for fall. It's definitely still summer now, both on the calendar, and weather wise. It's still HOT and humid here. Last night when we left the bar around 11:00, it was still very humid out. 

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Brooch: Erstwilder
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Pretty dress and I love it with your Erstwilder brooch! So perfect together. I feel the same about sash belts. I much prefer regular belts to sash belts too. That is so wonderful that you were outside sitting at the bar when they did the fireworks show. The right place at the right time. So much fun!

  2. Such an elegantly beautiful pattern. It sets my autumn adoring heart all aflutter. :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. Catching up on blogs and loved seeing this! These colors rock on you and I love the Lauren style on you, too! Do you find the sleeves restrictive at all? I worried about them being more narrow than the Kelly. They look to fit you fine, though!!