Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

Hello there! It was nice to only work one day this week! I worked yesterday. Today it's actually snowing, but pretty lightly. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 61 degrees! That's Jersey for you. I'm quite excited for it to be warm tomorrow. I will have to take outside pictures again. 
Today I'm not doing that much. I cleaned the apartment, worked out, and am doing laundry. I'm going to read and just relax. Bob has to salt some businesses's parking lots. (In the winter Bob and his dad plow and salt parking lots and driveways, and his dad also does it for a highway.) Once he gets home from that, we're going to watch more of "The Newsroom" season 2. I got it for him for Christmas, and we started watching last night. I like it, but he's more into it than I am.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Bernie Dexter dress that Bob got me for Christmas. I had admired the Bernie dress with this print, but couldn't find it in my size anywhere and/or couldn't find it on sale. The skirt was a compromise. I just love the beautiful print on it! Cherry blossom trees are just so pretty. And I really adore tulips. They are one of my fav flowers. This is pretty much the perfect springtime skirt. 

Cropped Cardigan: Poshmark (Old Navy)
Skirt: Gift from Bob (Bernie Dexter)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections

Brooch, Earrings: Etsy
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Love your new Bernie Dexter skirt! That print is so beautiful and goes so perfectly with the top, cardigan, and BAIT heels you paired it with. So pretty!!!! So awesome of Bob to get it for you for Christmas!

  2. Once again Bristol you paired that wonderful Bernie skirt so perfectly with those colors!! xo

  3. I actually love the skirt version more and it looks great on you regardless!!


    -Lauren Blair