Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Can Never Have Enough Ice Cream Dresses

Hello there! Thank God this work week is more than halfway over now. Officially over that hump! I'm not doing too much tonight, just reading and watching TV with Bob. We started watching "Sons of Anarchy" last night on DVD, but I'm not that into it yet. We'll see if I get more into it soon. We had never seen an episode before last night. It's just annoying that there's hardly any TV shows we like on the channels we have, except for "Mad Men" and "Downton Abbey", but those two shows take about a year off inbetween seasons! So annoying. Some of our other favourite shows are "Boardwalk Empire","Game of Thrones", and "Orange is the New Black" but we don't have HBO, so we wait until the seasons are available at the library.
Friday night I'm hanging out with a friend at her place, Saturday night we are going to a work dinner (my work), and Sunday I'm either going to a picnic at Bob's Aunt & Uncle's, or going to a birthday party for my grandmother; I'm still waiting to hear what day her party will be.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a dress my mom made me last summer. Love these colours paired together, also you can never have enough ice cream dresses!

Dress: Handmade by my mom
Necklace, Brooch, Earrings: Etsy
Wedges: (B.A.I.T. Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!


  1. I'm always amazed by you mom's dress making skills (: this dress has such a beautiful color scheme, and I love the shoes you paired with it.

  2. Your outfits give me diabetes! In a good way, bc they're so sweet! See what I did there? ;)

    -Lauren Blair