Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Folkloric Dress

Hello there! So glad that the work week is more than halfway done with! Tonight I'm going to work out, and also will be talking to one of my friends on the phone. Last night my parents and I went over my grandmother's house for her birthday. She turned 87 yesterday. She looks great for her age, I hope I have some of her genes! We are also celebrating her birthday this Saturday, when my sister can join in. She's not home that much.
In the pictures below I'm wearing the only item of clothing I have that has brown in it! I'm definitely not a fan of brown, but since the pattern on the dress is so darn colourful and cute, I can deal with it, ha. I got the dress from Modcloth a year ago. The material is decently thick, and the brand is Folter. The sandals I'm wearing are Salt Water Sandals brand, and they are the most comfortable sandals ever! I have them in three colours. I got these ones from Zappos, and my other pairs from Modcloth.

Dress, Necklace: Modcloth (Folter)
Belt: Target
Earrings, Brooch: Etsy 
Sandals: (Salt Water Sandals)

~Bye bye for now!


  1. That dress is super cute! I love the print. You can't barely tell it has brown in it!

    xo, Serli

  2. I love the accessories you used with this dress, very cute and colorful!
    Also I nominated you for a Liebster award! Hope you have fun with it :)
    Here is a link for more info:

    1. Thank you so much!! I will have to check it out very soon :)

  3. I am obsessed with that dress, I am not fan of brown clothes either but that print is so cute.

  4. I'm totally not a fan of brown/tan either, but this dress would get a pass from me as well because of all the bright colors in it! And I love that you paired it with the bright pin sandals (: Happy birthday to your grandmother!