Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello, whoever may read this! Just starting first blog. I wanted an outlet for my creativity, and am hoping this will be a good way to express myself! 
I think I'd like to focus my posts on fashion- I'll post picture of outfits I wear, and add commentary about them. I may also write about my life in general....or things that inspire me. 
I love clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I shop often, but try to spend as little money as possible, by buying things on sale, and/or using coupons. I shop in stores and online. My favourite stores are: Express, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Francesca's Collections, Target, and Ann Taylor. My favourite websites to shop from are: and I love bright colours! The majority of my clothes, shoes, and accessories are bright.
This is the outfit I wore today: 

Pink shirt: Ann Taylor
Orange tank: Express (they have GREAT tank tops! The material is decently thick, and they last a long time.
Jeans: Vera Wang- bought at Kohl's
Moccasins: (these are my FAV pair of shoes!)
Orange ring: gift from my sister
Bracelet: Forever 21

Pink and orange are my fav colours, and I love pairing them together! The pink shirt is very flattering- empire waist style, with a little side rouching. The jeans are boot cut. (my fav style of jeans) The necklace matches well with the shirt. I have about seven necklaces of this style, in different colour combos. Can't get enough of them! I wear my rainbow mocs as much as possible :) They make me happy, just looking at them!

Well, that's it for now!~ 

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