Monday, February 4, 2013

A Relaxing Sunday

Yesterday was a relaxing, lazy day. Didn't do much at all, just ran a couple errands. 
Here's what I wore: 

Print shirt: (Cable & Gauge is one of my fav brands of clothing. I discovered this brand about a year ago. They make SO many tops in bright colours!!)
Tank: Express
Jeans: Merona brand, from Target. They fit well and are of my fav pairs.
Necklace:      One of my fav necklaces. It's so bright & pretty
Shoes (in pic #1):         Loveee the colour! 
Shoes (in pic #2) 
Coat: Jessica Simpson brand from 


  1. Hi, Bristol! Congratulations on your entrance to the blogging world :) I happened to catch this picture on the ModCloth Style Gallery and clicked through to your sight - there were two things that caught me about this picture: (1) Love the top! Love the bright colors and how it fits nicely and also, how you styled it! (2) The unit in the wall behind you - yes, really ;) I live in an apartment in Virginia & we have the same one! Small world!

  2. Hello! Thank you very much :) I love ModCloth & that's how decided to start a blog- when I clicked on the Style Gallery & saw other's blogs. Thanks for the compliment! So much of my wardrobe/accessories are bright colours- I can't get enough! Ha that's funny that you have the same we do. It really is a small world.

  3. Hello Bristol! Happy that you started a blog, it's a fun outlet ;) I like your colorful style, glad to find someone else who really loves color! :D


  4. Hi Alyssa. Thank you very much :) Your blog is really great, your pictures and your outfits are inspiring.