Sunday, April 7, 2019

Atomic Swag

Hello there! This weekend has been beautiful so far; warm and sunny, and I'm loving it! I couldn't stay at home all day yesterday, because of how out it was, so I went out for a couple of hours; I took a little drive to a couple of antique shops. I spent $23, and got a super cute vintage apron with flower carts on it, a repro starburst print kitchen towel, and a vintage bottle of lemon extract in the original box. That's the best kind of antiquing day; when I only spend a little bit of money, and get some things I really love. 
Next Saturday Bob and I will be going to the post office to start the process of getting our passports!! I wanted to do it way in advance of us going to the UK and Ireland. We are planning on going on our trip around middle or end of September; we haven't booked anything yet. 
Our Vegas trip is just over a week(!!!) away now, and I'm so beyond ready to go! I've started packing, and buying items we needed for the trip. Now that it's so close, I really hope time flies during the next week. 
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Atomic Swags t-shirt that I bought from Sourpuss Clothing. I LOVE the kitschy space print, and the color combo of bright red and turquoise, which is one of my all time favorite color combos. I previously didn't own any t-shirts, except the ones I work out and sleep in. The tote bag I picked up in Nashville matches perfectly!

Shirt: Sourpuss Clothing
Jeans: Freddie's of Pinewood
Earrings: Etsy (Luxulite)
Shoes: Gift (BAIT Footwear)

Tote: Hey Rooster!

~Bye bye for now!  

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  1. I hope that you will enjoy your trip to the UK. There are so many interesting places to visit and things to see here and September is a good time to come - just after the main tourist season but when the weather is still good.

    We don't often see you in jeans. I recently started to wear jeans at the age of 38 - and I was surprised at how comfy they are!