Friday, November 16, 2018

Wedding Weekend

Hello there! Yesterday was extremly stressful; the most stressful drive I've ever had. I left work as soon as it started snowing, and when I got on the first highway, it was fine, but when I got on the second highway after going a few miles, traffic slowed to 20 mph, which was good, because everyone was being extra cautious, and allowing a lot of space between cars. But, I was still pretty nervous. I didn't slide at all on the highway, but once I got off the highway, onto the next road, it was a nightmare. They clearly hadn't taken care of it at all. I started sliding right away, and was also afraid I'd get stuck in the snow, especially going up hills.
I pulled over three times into businesses on the side of the road, because it was so scary, that I didn't want to keep going. I wanted Bob to come pick me up (he has a plow truck). Eventually, after stopping at the third location, which was a strip mall, and staying in a pizza place there for hours, Bob came and got me. I saw accidents on the highway, and while I didn't see any on that other road I was on, I knew from talking to Bob that there were accidents up ahead, and traffic was stopped for awhile.
I was so relieved to make it home alive and safe. I really hope that was the worst conditions I'll have to drive in, and that the roads will be better taken care of, but I don't know. I don't know if the road departments weren't taking the forecast seriously, because we never get snow in November, or what... Even though it took me almost six hours from the time I left work to actually get home, I was always warm, and wasn't stuck in snow, and I really feel for all of the people who were stranded on the roads for hours on end. The storm went all the way to Mississippi, and eight people died in car accidents in multiple states.  
I'm off of work today, due to the weather, and in other, better news, last weekend was a lot of fun! Bob and I drove up to Providence, Rhode Island for our friends' wedding. I met Sara through Instagram/blogging, and social media can be so weird and wonderful, right? I'm so thankful for the Instagram connecting me with so many lovely, stylish ladies, who understand my aesthetic, some of who I have actual friendships with now. The wedding was wonderful, and Sara looked so beautiful, and I loved her dress and Shoe Bakery ice cream shoes!! 
On Friday night (the wedding was Saturday afternoon), Bob and I went out to dinner at an Irish pub, which was a geat place, and then we went to Ogie's Trailer Park for a couple of drinks. I really liked that place! They had tiki drinks, which is the main reason I wanted to go, naturally. But, the decor was fabulous, too! Kitschy and 50's ish. The bathroom walls were the best! I wish I had taken a picture, instead of just an Instagram story. They were pink and white tiles with atomic starbursts on some of the tiles. After the rehersal dinner, Sara and Cody (along with some family and friends), headed over to the hotel bar where we were waiting for them. They also had a lovely buffet style brunch on Sunday morning on the top floor of the hotel, so we went there before hitting the road.
I also met two other bloggers for the first time at Sara's wedding; they sat at our table. They were both so nice, and I'm so glad I got to meet Kristina of, and Jen of Kristina has the CUTEST four month old daughter, too!! She brought her to the wedding (along with her husband), so I got to gush over her a bit!

CUTEST decor!!!!

All of the fashion bloggers

One of a few Art Deco buildings in Providence that I saw

Dunkaroos donut at the wedding!



  1. XOXOXOXO! I am SO SO glad you and Bob were there with us! It wouldn't have been the same without you guys!!!!

    1. Aw you're so sweet! I'm SO SO glad we were there!!! :) Such a fun time and getaway for us!