Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Valley

Hello there! I have off of work today; I used "comp time", which is time off I earned, because of working extra hours. Work has calmed down now, which is great. Today I've been cleaning and doing laundry, and watching trashy reality TV, ha. I also grabbed pizza for lunch from my favorite local pizza place; it's my favorite food. 
Last night i went to Panera for dinner with a friend, and tonight Bob and I are going to my parents' house for cake for my birthday (which is today), along with my grandmother. Tomorrow my mom and I are heading to Maryland to go to a vintage antique show, called Pyrex Fest. We haven't been to it before, and I'm really looking forward to it. I do have to get up early though, but I'll suck it up for this. I think it'll mostly be vintge kitchenware and housewares. The shop that's hosting the event has 20% off storewide, which is great. There's about fifty vendors who will be set up outside, too. Tomorrow night Bob and I are going out to dinner and then for drinks.
In the pictures below I'm wearing one of my two new Bernie Dexter Kelly dresses, this print is called Happy Valley. I got them a couple of weeks ago, and love them both, and have already worn them both twice. They fit really well, too. Both prints are just gorgeous! The other one has a large floral print, in shades of pink and blue. I haven't bought hardly any Bernie Dexter dresses in a long time now. I picked up one in July, but that was the first time in months.

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Earrings: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

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