Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nashville, Part II

Hello there! This is a longgg overdue post, since I got back from Nashville close to two months ago! I had already written about the first half of my Nashville trip, but in this post I'm going to write about the second half of it. I had previously covered Wednesday night - Friday night. Saturday night Sara & Cody were flying home, so we spent the morning and early afternoon with them, before Bob and I headed back to the Opryland Hotel to catch Charles Phoenix's slideshow. 
We explored a different area of Nashville we hadn't seen yet; we went to East Nashville, where there are a lot of vintage shops. At one of our first stops, I found my very first vintage dress! I was drawn to it because of the pretty floral print and bright colors, but when I pulled it off the rack, I didn't have high hopes it'd fit me, as most vintage is tiny, and I am not. Well, much to my shock, it did fit me! In fact, the buttons over my chest barely even gape; it was a miracle! I know Sara was my litle good luck charm. She found some items at the same shop, herself. She has better luck with vintage clothing than I do, though. But, I had a lot of fun shopping with her that day. 
We grabbed pizza for lunch at Five Points Pizza, Bob and my first and only pizza of our Nashville trip. I had heard it was really good, but honestly, I wasn't impressed. This also is due in large part to the fact that I live in NJ, where pizza is basically a religon, ha, and I've of course had NYC pizza....which is incomparable. I just got a couple slices of plain at Five Points and tried one of Sara's garlic knots, which was yummy, and worth my stinky breath, haha. The area we were shopping in doesn't feel like you're in a city at all, it feels like you're in a small town. There's houses all around there, too, and the shops are mostly spread out from each other, so we had to drive to most of them, instead of getting out and hitting several at once. 
After lunch we sadly bid goodbye to Sara & Cody, and we headed to the Opryland Hotel, and got there right at the time the slideshow was starting. I really enjoyed it! I had missed the one Charles did in Vegas the previous month, so I wanted to make sure I saw this one. 
The slideshow consists of slides of pictures of neat old signs, cars, etc. that either Charles has taken himself, or of actual old slides that have been given to him by miscellaneous people. 
I'd say it's mainly 50's era slides, with some outside of that. Charles is really funny, too!
I laughed a lot during it. 
Bob and I watched a few bands that night. We saw the Rythm Shakers at the Opryland Hotel, and the singer was 8 months pregnant! I love her voice; it's so strong and sassy. We headed over to Nashville Palace after that, where we grabbed dinner, and stayed there for hours, until very late, later than I had wanted to be out. We saw The Desperados, Sara Vista, and Hillbilly Casino. We hadn't planned on seeing HC, but we had started hearing from some people that they put on an amazing show, so we stuck around to see part of their set. They didn't come until midnight! They definitely lived up to the hype, though, and I'm so glad we got to see them. 
Sunday was the last day of the Boogie, but we didn't go over there at all. We had had our fill, ha, and were a little worn out. These events are so much fun, but exhausting to try and make it to everything you want to see and do! We took it a lot slower the rest of the trip. Sunday morning we headed to Franklin; I had wanted heard good things, and wanted to check out that town, and it's about 20 minutes away. We stopped at an antique mall there first, where I got an orange fridgie; it's a piece of Pyrex, and was in great condition. We grabbed lunch on the main street, at an Irish restaurant, and I really liked it. After that we just walked around and went in a few stores, including another large antique mall. I didn't end up buying anything else in Franklin.
Next we went to the famous Loveless Cafe for an early dinner, and it was great! Bob loved it too, and he has high standards for food. The biscuits were amazing (every table gets unlimited free biscuits). The menu has a lot of options, but it focuses on traditional southern cooking. There's also a couple of gift shops there, and I bought a few items, including a tote bag and pot holder with a really cute fruit print on them. The prices were really reasonable, too.
Monday we hit a more shops nearby where my sister lives (where we were staying Sunday-Tuesday) that we had missed before, including an antique mall where I got a really cute vintage dish towel. We had lunch at Dandgure's, which was great! Dandguere's and Loveless were our favorite food stops of the trip. We had seen Dandgure's on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown", and my husband had made a note that he wanted to visit it. 
It's cafeteria style, where you get a tray and are served from behind the counter of what dishes you'd like. I got fried chicken, mac & cheese, and a couple of rolls.  
On our last day in Nashville we got lunch at Pharmacy Burger. I loved the burger I had there, as well as their creamsicle drink! I would definitely go back there, too. We left for the airport around 2 p.m. We had a great time in Nashville, that's for sure! I'm glad we got to do a lot of exploring there too, and also got to check out Franklin. I look forward to going back to Nashville.

Yummy creamsicle drink at Stillery

Vintage dress that I bought in Nashville!

Isn't this mural we randomly spotted adorable??
I love this candid pic that Bob got of us!



  1. I absolutely love that vintage dress you found and so great it fits on you! Wonderful photos as well! xo

  2. Oh the candid photos - I am just such a class act ;)

    Still so jealous of the rest of your trip and wish we could have joined ya!! Miss ya, lady!!