Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nashville, Part I

Hello there! Well, I've been back from Nashville for close to a month, and still haven't written about it, so I'd say I'm overdue! In this post I'm going to write about the beginning of the trip. We got in to Nashville on a Wednesday night, around 11:00 p.m. Our flight got in on time, and the Uber ride from the airport was only about fifteen minutes to our hotel. After we checked in, we walked over to Nashville Palace, which was less than a five minute walk away. We stayed there later than we had planned on being out, until about 2:00 a.m. 
We watched a country band play covers, and they were really good. They had a male singer, and he was really talented, but they also had a woman come up and sing a song, and she was impressive, too. We went right to bed after we walked back to the hotel. 
The next day was the first day of Nashville Boogie. The bands weren't really starting until the early evening, so Bob and I picked up my sister's car that morning (she was away while we were in Nashville), and we drove over to Broadway, which is the main touristy area of Nashville, with lots of honky tonks on both sides of the street. There's also some restaurants and little shops, but mostly junky souvenir shops. We grabbed burgers for lunch at Acme Feed & Seed, which was a place I had on my list of restaurants to check out. I thought their food was decent, but Bob wasn't impressed. After exploring the Broadway area (and some side streets), we headed back towards our hotel. We went to a couple of antique malls, and went to the Palace to pick up our wristbands for the Boogie. We freshened up in our hotel room, and then went back to the Palace to listen to some music. 
We ran into Cindy and her husband twice that afternoon; they own the shop Grease Rags Clothing in Florida. I had ordered from her before, and talked to her online, but had never met her in person before. She was very sweet and outgoing in person, and her husband was nice as well, and I'm glad I got to meet them and hang out with them a bit. 
My friend Sara and her boyfriend, Cody, got into Nashville in the morning, and we first met up with them around 5:00 that evening, for dinner at the Palace. It was so nice to see her again; it had been a year! We had dinner with them, and then they took off to do their own thing, and we went over to the other side of the Palace, to see the Delta Bombers (there are two stages in the Palace, and both stages were being used at the same time during the Boogie).  
It was our second time seeing the Delta Bombers; we had seen them a year previously at Viva, but at that time we knew nothing about them. Bob liked the set, and bought a CD at Viva, so he was the one who was more into them at first. But over the past few months, I really began to listen to them, and now they are my favorite rockabilly band! I was so excited to see them; they were the highlight of the Boogie for me. Their show was fantastic, as expected, and I got to meet Chris, the singer, and he hugged me! 
After seeing DB, we went to our room to get ready to meet Sara & Cody over at Opryland Resort, where they were staying, and where some of the Boogie music and events was taking place. Bob & I stayed at Opryland Resort Friday & Saturday nights during our trip, too. 
We met them at a bar in the hotel, and hung out there for a couple of hours or so, and then we headed back to our hotel to go to bed. Even though the Boogie events were being held in two locations, they had a great shuttle service between the two. The shuttle was always there waiting, when we were trying to get from one place to another, and it's only a five minutes drive. So, the servie was great.  
On Friday Bob & I met Sara in the morning to go to the vendors & car show. When I first saw Sara, I couldn't believe it; we were both wearing strawberry outfits, ha!! It really was unplanned. First, of course, we had to go to the vendors, ha. There weren't nearly as many vendors are I thought/hoped there'd be. But, Sara got a lot of cheap vintage dresses, which was great for her! I got a few small things, like a couple of dish towels with super cute prints and a Boogie T shirt. I ended up going back to the vendors the next day too, and found a couple more things. We walked around the car show, which was pretty small, too. There were probably less than 100 cars, whereas Viva had almost 900. We watched Lara Hope & The Arktones play at 1:00, and they were playing in the same room that the vendors & car show were in, just behind a partition. They were another band I had on my list to see, and we had never seen them before. They were really good! Lara has such a strong, sassy voice. Sara took me over to their merch table later on (I was nervous to go meet them), and I met Lara and had her and a band member sign the CD I bought. 
After we watched them play, we stayed there to see the Pinup Contest. My friend Cindy was in it (the Cindy I met the previous day), and she looked stunning! We grabbed lunch at Jack Daniels in the Opryland after the contest, and Cody met us there. We went back to our hotel after that for a bit, and met Sara & Cody later on, and took an Uber over to Broadway to go out that night. It was quite crowded, as we expected it to be, being a Friday night. First we went to a dueling piano bar, and I had never been to one before. I knew my sister is a big fan of dueling piano bars, so I had heard about them. It was fun, and we stayed there a bit, before moving on. It was pretty packed everywhere we went, and our last stop we went to was on a side street, and called Stillery. We sat at a table there and got some (late) dinner, too. Their mac & cheese was good, and I loved the drink I had. It was so sweet, and tasted just like a creamsicle!
Well, that's enough for now. More on Nashville coming soon. 

Nashville Palace
Cindy and me

 Sara and me

Day 2



  1. Yay!!! Loved reading this - it brought me back to Nashville for a little bit!! Matching Strawberry outfits FTW!

  2. It looks like Nashville Boogie was amazing! I wanted so badly to go, but with everything that was going on this year (and knowing I wouldn't be able to drink at all!) I figured I should wait for a better year.

    I love that you and Sara both wore strawberry outfits without even planning it!