Sunday, May 7, 2017

Vegas, Part II

Hello there! Well, I'm finally posting about the second part of my Vegas trip! So when I last posed about my trip, I wrote about Wednesday night - Friday. Saturday was the car show; and is the "biggest" Viva day. We got over to the car show early, a little after it opened. We first went to the vendors, which is what we always do; wouldn't want things to start to sell out before we get to them. I found a few items: a $25 Unique Vintage gumball skirt I had been eyeing online since it came out months ago, a Brighter Bakelite beautiful bright blue bangle, a couple of hair flower pieces, and a big Lux De Ville purse which was normally priced at $95, but I scored for $40! I didn't get too many things, but I was happy with my haul. 
After we hit the vendors, we went over and looked at all the cars. It does get really crowded at the vendors and where the cars are, so that is one annoyance. We had lunch at the car show too, I just got a burger from a food vendor. I met Katy, woman who runs the Etsy shop Luxulite, Jesse, the man who runs Brighter Bakelite, and Micheline Pitt! They were all SO sweet. I was really glad I got to meet them. I got a picture with all of them, too. 
Other than the shopping, the big highlight of the day was watching Reverend Horton Heat perform. Bob was most excited to see RHH, out of everything at Viva. Bob had a couple of his CDs, but we hadn't seen him live before. I hadn't been as into his music previously, but after seeing him perform, I was more into it! It was an AMAZING show! I was really impressed, and loved the whole show. I'd love to see him perform again, and I wish he was playing at the Boogie! I was really happy that Bob loved the show too, because he's so patient when I shop and do all the things I want to do at Viva, so I wanted him to really get to enjoy something.
Before RHH, Brenda Lee had been performing. I had wanted to catch her whole performance, but it didn't work out, and we only saw her last song, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree". The reason I missed the rest of it was because I went to a Trashy Diva meet up at the car show, where I met some girls from the TD Facebook group I'm in. 
We talked for a little while, and took some pictures by the Viva car. 
Bob and I were at the car show all day, and  I think we left around 7:00 p.m. to go back to our hotel room to "freshen up".  We went out again to Frankie's that night.
On Sunday morning, Bob and I took a walk on the strip. We walked down to the Wynn hotel, which we had never checked out before. But, I wanted to go there because I had seen pictures of a beautiful hot air ballon and carousel they have in the hotel, which are made out of flowers! They were both sooo gorgeous, and they had other beautiful decorations there, too. After we check out the Wynn, we went across the street to Sugar Factory, and I got a birthday cake milkshake to go. It was really good!
We finally got to hang out with my friend Lisa on Sunday. She had been in Vegas since Thursday, but was there with a few people, and us meeting up didn't end up working out until Sunday.  She met us at the Baliwick Pub in the afternoon (at the Orleans). Bob and I had had an early dinner there, and then moved over to the bar. There was a band playing on the stage there, too. Lisa showed up with her friend, and we hung out at the bar there for awhile. After that, Bob and I went back to our hotel room to get ready to go out that night with Lisa. We went to Frankie's with her first, and met two really nice women who were at the bar. They were in Vegas for Viva, too, and the one woman recognized me from Instagram. I talked to them for a long time, until they left.
We went to the Double Down Saloon next. The three of us had never been there before. The same people who own Frankie's also own DDS. It's a total dive bar, but we all like dive bars, and prefer them actually. I was pretty tired by this point, and didn't want to be out long. 
We saw one band play, and then part of another band's performance before we left. Lisa ended up staying there once we left, because wshe was enjoying the music. I thought both bands were really good and was surprised, ha.  They were very different in sound though.
The first one sounded like indie rock, and the second was heavy rock, a bit too heavy for me, but the woman who sang in the second band had a really amazing voice.  
Monday we took it easy. It had pretty much been a blur the past three days, and we were really looking forward to slowing down. We checked out the Arts District of Vegas, which we had never been to before. They have a few antique shops there, and I got a marbled green lucite bangle at one of them. The one shop I waned to check out most of all was unfortunately closed that day. There were some other shops we walked by that were also closed, but we went in about four shops. 
We went out to dinner that night to celebrate Bob's 33rd birthday. We just went to Caros & Charlie's in our hotel (a chain Mexican restaurant). After that we went to a few places. 
We went to Sugar Factory and sat at the bar. I had one drink there. Their drinks are so expensive (mine was $16!), but I knew that before, as I've been to a couple of their restaurants before. We then went to Senor Frogs, another Mexican chain restaurant. 
We sat at the bar there, too. I had a drink, and Bob had a drink and more food. They are also on the pricier side, but most places in Vegas are pricey for drinks. I just hate paying $9 or $10 for a Vodka cran. It really irks me! We stopped in Casino Royale on the way back to our hotel. It's a really divey, small casino that Bob likes. He did some gambling there. Our last stop before bed was the Margaritaville bar in our hotel. We ended up talking to a woman from Austrlia for a long time, probably about an hour or so. She was easy to talk to. She was traveling alone. She had first gone to San Francisco, and after Vegas was going to NYC for 9(!!!) days! I'd be nervous to travel alone like that and wouldn't do it. One of the main reasons I wouldn't is because I'm shy, but for someone as outgoing as this woman, it'd be a different story.
We left Vegas on Tuesday. We had a great time. We won't be going to Viva next year. Bob says he needs a break from it ha, and I'm okay with it. 

A store we went to in the Arts District

Lisa is on the right, and the two women in the middle we met at Frankie's that night

Jesse from Bright Bakelite

On the right is Katy, the woman behind Luxulite.


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  1. Great post and gorgeous photos, I love reading about Viva...looks so fun! :)