Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cocktails Gilda

Hello there! I don't have much going on today, just staying home with Bob. He's doing a lot of cooking and baking, like he always does on Sundays, and I'm doing a lot of reading and Netflix, plus some outfit pictures, and working out, also as per usual, ha. I love our quiet Sundays.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a new Lindy Bop Gilda dress. I have one othe Gilda dress, and that one has a San Francisco print on it; I've done a post on it before. The Gilda is my favorite LB dress style. I find it has a better fit than other styles I've tried, and is more flattering. This print was first released in a different dress style, and while I love the print and colors in it, I passed on the other style. I'm glad I passed on it, and that they released the print in the Gilda. It was also on sale when I bought it, for only $25. I was disappointed when I received it though, because the zipper was broken. It had been sewn in incorrectly on on side of the dress, and made it impossible to zip all the way up. I contacted LB, and they refund half of what I spent, so I got $12.50 refunded. Bob fixed the zipper for me on the sewing machine, and now it zips!
But, the first time I tried it on with the functionining zipper, the the top two buttons popped right off. The dress came with one replacement button, which I sewed on. So, I'll be wearing it like I am in these pictures, with no top button on it. It's annoying that LB does not have the best quality. You get what you pay for, I suppose. 
The almost neon/citrusy colors in the cocktail glasses in this print pair so well with my orange, yellow, & lime Bakelite.
Also in the pictures below is a picture of me wearing my new Trashy Diva ribbed rayon Fontaine coat that I scored for half off during their recent ribbed rayon sale, and a close up of the front of my hair last night. I lucked out with my hair! It's always random for me with my hair, ha, if I can get it to turn out decent or not when I'm styling it after it's been curled. 
I LOVE my Fontaine coat. It's not very heavy, so it's not practical to wear when it's really cold out, but I think it's so gorgeous and flattering. Before getting the Fontaine, I had no vintage repro coats at all. I'm glad I now have one in my arsenal. It just buttons over my chest though, and when I first put it on, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it buttoned there.

Dress: Lindy Bop

Brooch: Etsy (Poisonofchoice)
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. I love the print and style of this Lindybop dress and when I saw it come on sale on Lindybop's website I knew I had to add it my growing collection! Looks great on you, love how you have styled it! :)

  2. You're getting SO good with your hair - shows how you can improve if you stick with it! You inspire me to do the same with trying retro hairstyles on my hair!

    Bummer about the issues with the dress - glad Bob was able to fix the zipper and you got a partial refund. What a handy fella Bob is! I also didn't even notice a button was missing! Though annoying to not have that top button, it looks cute the way it is! I was like "I don't recognize that style but I like it!" lol

  3. Love this fontaine coat on you! <3 Sorry to hear that the top is a little tight. Sounds like I might have steered you wrong a bit. I do think it looks amazing on your just the way it is though! Also that's a great score with the lindy bop dress! It's a shame that the zipper came broken and that the buttons popped up right away but since Bob was able to fix the zipper, $12.50 is so great! :D <3