Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Drinks

Hello there! Last night Bob and I went to my work holiday party, which was at my bosses' house, and was a lot of fun! There were five couples there, and I was meeting my co-workers' spouses for the first time. My one co-worker likes toasted almond drinks, and I had never had one before. I had two last night, and they are sooo delicious! They're really sweet, and obviously, have a strong almond taste. They're a great drink for Christmastime, and I'll definitely be having one again! I never had tasted Amaretto before. I'll need to buy some! 
We couldn't stay at the party too late, because Bob had to get up earlyish today to plow and salt. I hate when it happens on a weekend, because then he doesn't get a real weekend. 
He has so many hobbies he takes part in, that when he has less than a full weekend, it's annoying for him.
In the pictures below I'm wearing the outfit I wore last night. This dress arrived just in time for the party, but I was very annoyed it took as long as it did to ship to me. I ordered it at the end of October, and it didn't ship until last week! It's obviously a Christmastime dress, so now that limits my time to wear the dress to just this week and the next week (it arrived this past Wednesday). It came from the Etsy shop Violets in May 1945. It was my first time ordering from them, and I'm quite disappointed. There was no warning ahead of time about how long the dress would take, and the only communication I received at all, was when I contacted the shop finally to ask when it would be shipping, and then later I received the tracking number from them. I contacted them in the middle of November, three weeks after I ordered, and the response (with no apology) was that it would ship in a week, and it didn't even ship for two weeks after that. The whole thing left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and that's disappointing, because I love supporting small businesses. 
But anyway, I do love the dress, and the pom poms are so cute! I got a lot of compliments last night, but I think I got even more compliments on my shoes than my dress, ha. I scored these BAIT heels for only $30 when they were on super sale from an online shop called Sidecca. They are a little higher than my normal BAITs, and last night was my first time wearing them, but they weren't uncomfortable last night, and my feet aren't bothering me today. 

Dress: Etsy (Violets in May 1945)
Bangles: Splendette
Brooch, earrings: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Such a cute Christmas dress, I love Violets in May designs, I'm actually featuring a skirt by her on my blog soon! Love all the accessories as well! xo

  2. How frustrating that the ordering process was a bummer - I mean, even if the dress was made to order, there should be a warning in the description or something that tells you how long it will take! Ach!

    Still, it is totally adorable on you and PERFECT for a holiday party!! =)

  3. So cute! Love the dress and love the shoes! Sorry to hear that the etsy seller was disappointing. I had to stop buying from some etsy sellers for that same reason. Lack of communication is the worst!