Saturday, December 31, 2016

Antiquing In Paradise

Hello there! My mom and I went to antiquing yesterday in three towns in Pennsylvania: Paradise, Bird In Hand, and Adamstown. It was a long day! I left to go meet her at 7:40 a.m., and got home at 7:10 p.m. The first town we went to was the farthest from the town we met up in; it was a little over two hours away from there. The first two towns we went to I had never been to before. Our first stop was at a cute shop called Black Kat Kollectibles, which sells antiques, vintage clothing, as well as a little bit of vintage reproduction clothing. I bought a Lindy Bop skirt there for $31! It was nice to get to try on vintage repro clothing before buying; that's very rare for me. The only usual times I get to do that are when I'm on vacation, or one the very rare occassion I get to go to NYC. We made a couple stops at antique malls nearby that shop, but I didn't get anything at those, and next we we went to The Christmas Center. The Christmas Center is huge Christmas museum, and I had never been there before, but my mom had a few times. The owner of the museum was even there that day; my mom's met him many times before, and I got to meet him yesterda. He has a booth at antique mall in Adamstown, also. The museum was spectacular. It's unbelievable how many items are inside! My favorite display was a whole room set up as a Woolworth's display. I took a lot of pictures in there. It was very 1950's. I was tempted to take some of the items in there back home with me, ha! 
My mom knew it would be my favorite area of the museum. 
In a different section of the museum I spotted a snowman Christmas tree stand. I posted a picture below. Oh, I am in love with it! I must find one somewhere. I looked for it at the rest of our stops yesterday, and looked on eBay and Etsy, but didn't find any for sale. It seems rare, unfortunately. My fingers are crossed that I'll find one soon! The graphics on it couldn't be any cuter! 
I did get a few great finds in Adamstown. My dad had given me some money for Christmas, to spend on antiques, so I used up that money, and used a little bit of money that other relatives gave me for Christmas. So, I didn't have to spend any of my own money, which is always nice. I got a big ceramic tree that has big bulbs on it; I love those bulbs, and they seem unusual, as I don't remember seeing them on any other ceramic trees I've come across. I got two bottle brush trees. One is huge and spins and plays music, and it came in the original box! The other is such a gorgeous shade of blue, and I'm so happy I now have a blue one for my collection!  It was only $16, too! It is missing some beads, but I can deal with that. I may end up buying some matching antique beads to add to it, but I think it still looks great as is.
I got a few other small things: a strand of bubble lights for our Christmas tree, a small plastic Santa with a fawn around its shoulders, a little mustard powder shaker, and an adorable snowman mug. 
I plan on keeping my bottle brush trees up year round, as well as my ceramic trees. 
Right now they are all on our dining room table, which we don't really use. Once we have a house (which hopefully will be soon), I will have much more room to display them! I can't wait for that. 

This one spins and plays music

I got the two on the left yesterday, but I think all three look amazing together! Pastel dreaminess!

The ceramic tree I found yesterday. Big bulbs!

The tree stnad I really want to find!

Woolworth's display  

Dress: Bernie Dexter

~Bye bye for now!

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