Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello there! Well, I'm all done with work for the week, which feels great. We had a half day today, which was my first time experiencing a half day since I started there five (!!) months ago. Well, I should say experiencing a half day where I didn't need to take off for it, ha (I've left early before but had to use my PTO time). 
Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving to head up to my parents' house for an early Thanksgiving dinner, and from there I'll be going to my husband's aunt and uncle's house for dessert. 
I'll be putting up the tree tomorrow night, too! I did a lot of decorating last weekend, but have some more to do, plus decorating the tree; the best part of all! 
I did some pre-black Friday shopping this week; I snagged three Bernie Dexter dresses at 35% off! I'm watcing some other sites to see what sales they come out with too, and I know I'll be ordering at least one pair of BAIT shoes; that site will be 30% off. I know I'm getting at least one Christmas gift for someone from Modcloth, also. Can't resist such great deals; it's the best sales of the year!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Retrospec'd kitty dress. Is there such a thing as too many cat prints?? I think not. It's yet another shirt dress in my wardrobe; shirt dresses are just my all time favorite style of dress. There's a tiny bit of gaping at the chest, but that's the norm for me. The waist is quite big, but the belt pretty much hides that. This dress's colors are definitely more subdued than most items I have, but there are little pops of red, and I brighten it up a bit with the white cardi, red shoes and bracelets.

Dress: Retrospec'd
Brooch: Craft fair
Bangles: Splendette, Luxulite
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. This dress is so cute -- I'm so glad you got it! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I can't wait to see all your Black Friday purchases!

  2. Another wonderful dress from Retrospec'd! I'm really considering on purchasing another pair of shoes from Bait as well! :)

  3. Love this kitty print so much! So cute! I love Black Friday! I hope you've found a lot of great deals. Unfortunately for me almost all the sites I want to buy from doesn't look like they are doing anything too big this year :( At least there's TD's big bf sale! :D