Friday, August 5, 2016

Southern Road Trip, Part II

Hello there! So, this post is about the second half of my recent southern vacation. We left Charleston on a Tuesday morning, and stayed in Savannah through Friday morning. It rained less in Savannah, which was definitely a plus. But, it was EXTREMLY hot and humid every day. It's the humidity that kills you. Regardless of that, Savannah was our favorite stop for the trip. There are tons of Irish, Scottish, and English pubs there, and we both love those pubs. We like casual atmospheres, and we usually will just sit at the bar, and order our meals from the bartender. So, we liked the restaurant options a lot better in Savannah than Charleston. 
I also liked the shops better there. I found some great things, like Pyrex dish towels, some lovely antiques (salt and pepper shaker, snack bowl, and a bowl with cherries painted on it), a vintage reproduction tablecloth, and cute potholders. We went in a few antique shops there, but the place whiere I got all the kitchen antiques was from an antique mall called Picker Joe's. I read about in Miss Victory Violet's blog post about when she visited Savannah. Otherwise, I wouldn't have heard of it! Their prices were very reasonable, too. 
We checked out a few bookstores there too, and I picked up a book on sale. I go to the library in my town, so I don't like to spend money on books, and rarely do. One of the bookstores had two kitties sleeping in it! They looked like they were Maine Coons, which is my favorite cat breed. I posted a picture below of the gray one. I had a gray Maine Coon, who ran away a year ago. She lived with my parents, not with me, but I probably paid more attention to her when I was over there, than they did living with her, ha. I just think they are the most beautiful cats, and they are also one of the most intelligent breeds.
The riverwalk is really neat too; it's a street that has a lot of little shops and restaurants and bars right along the river, so on the other side of the street is a sidewalk and the river.  We went to a rooftop bar for a drink one night, which overlooks the river. 
Right by our hotel was a very famous ice cream shop; it's 100 years old. It's called Leopold's Ice Cream. The lines are crazy there! They go out onto the sidewalk. We went there twice. 
I was disappointed that every ice cream place we checked out on our trip didn't have cookie dough ice cream, which is my favorite flavor. So, I just got vanilla ice cream at Leopold's.
It was good of course, but I wish they had cookie dough or birthday cake, which one of their menus said birthday cake was coming in August, ha. So, we just missed it.

On our way home, we stopped in Raleigh, and stayed there for a night. We got there around 3:00 p.m. So, after we checked into our room, we went walking. We were staying on a street that had a few restaurants and bars very close to our hotel, which was great. Of course, we found an Irish restaurant right away, ha. We went there for a couple of drinks, and then we walked to Raleigh Beer Garden, which has more beers on tap than anywhere else in the world (350)! I don't drink beer, but my husband does. We sat outside there for awhile (there's a lot of outdoor seating), and the weather had cooled off a bit by then, so that was nice. Some people had dogs with them, and one was SO adorable that I had to go over, and ask to pet it. It was a two month old puppy mixed breed that the woman had adopted for a shelter. I also asked to pet another one; a 150 lb Great Dane! I can't wait to have my own dog someday (when we have a house). 
We ended up walking back to the Irish restaurant for a last drink, and shared some chicken fingers there. We went back to our room after that, and left for home the next morning. 
We had a great time on the trip, but I wouldn't go back down there in the summer, ha! I'd go back to Savannah, but the other places I probably wouldn't.  

Our hotel in Savannah

Fireplace in our hotel room in Savannah

The Irish restaurant in Raleigh



On the drive to Raleigh, at a rest stop


  1. Savannah sounds like a blast! That antique mall sounds like a must-see place, too. So glad you had fun!

    I'm so in awe of your amazing vacation wardrobe -- I'm so lazy about bringing a big suitcase and carrying it into and out of various hotels, so I usually don't look that cute on vacation. I love that taco purse!

  2. Wonderful photos of your holiday and I'm loving all those bright and colorful dresses you wore! :)

  3. I love that the cats just curl up on the books like, "NBD, gonna just sleep here, K?" I feel like if I wanted a book that was beneath it, I'd have to ask "Excuse me, Mr. Cat, can I just...take this...oh, never mind, you keep it." HAHA! Love hearing about your trips - hope soon it's Boston!!!!! ;)

  4. So glad to hear this second leg of your road trip went well! Savannah is another one of the places I'd love to go someday. Looks like I will have to add Raleigh to the list too if not for anything else than to see that cat mural! It's fantastic. :D Love all your outfits <3

  5. ohh and cats in book stores are the best! <3