Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Never Enough Rainbow!

Hello there! I wish this weekend would hurry up & get here already. Friday night I'm going to Panera for dinner with my good friend. I don't really have plans for the weekend yet. My mom invited me to go to some stores in Pennsylvania with her on Saturday, but I don't really feel like it. It's a long drive, and I was just out shopping in Pennsylvania two weekends ago. Tonight "American Horror Story" is on! Just hope I can stay awake to finish the whole episode.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Modcloth Emily & Fin rainbow striped dress. It's probably outrageous to most people how much rainbow I wear, but, that's not my problem ha! It makes me happy. I don't need other people to "get" the way I dress. I'm wearing my thin material/shorter dresses and skirts for as long as I possibly can take it! Luckily it hasn't been too cold lately here.

Dress: Modcloth (Emily & Fin)
Cropped cardigan: Poshmark (Old Navy)
Necklace, Bracelet, Brooch, Earrings: Etsy

Flats: Shoe Bakery

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Love this rainbow dress on you and love your hair this way! I've been looking for a rainbow striped dress myself! They remind me of when I was a kid in the 80s :D