Saturday, July 27, 2013

Home Is Wherever I'm With You

Hello there! Today I cleaned the apartment, did laundry, worked out, ran a couple last minute errands, packed some more, and we went to dinner with Bob's family. 
I can't believe it's finally here already, and we are leaving tomorrow! It's so great to be able to say that, and even better- to simply be away from work for nine days. It's a very freeing feeling. Vacations ALWAYS fly by so crazy fast, so I have to really try and savor each day, and make the most of everything. I am simply grateful that we are able to afford trips like this.
In the pictures below, I'm wearing one of my favourite shirts. I got it at TJ Maxx for I think $17. I love the cowl neck, and the colourblocking of my two fav colours. It's just all around a great shirt! Of course it matches perfectly with my new pink, orange, and aqua necklace.
The first picture below is of a pillow I bought at Home Goods yesterday. I really love it! It has so many colours in it, which of course is something that catches my eye!

Top: TJ Maxx
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Modcloth
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Bracelet: Forever 21
Ring: Kate Spade Outlet
Earrings; Gift from my mom
Purse: Vera Bradley

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Love this outfit, Bristol! You always have the best statement necklaces :) Lovin' all the colors and the pretty pillow, too!

    xo, Alyssa

    1. Thank you, Alyssa! Yes, I have developed quite the collection of statement necklaces ha. I keep finding ones I have to have!